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Eyeglass Frame with protective face shield

Comfortable face protection for general (medical) use
Eyeglass Frame with protective face shield

Product description

This face shield with eyeglass frame is the right solution for users who experience a face shield with headband as uncomfortable. The eyeglass frame ensures that the face shield is worn like 'glasses'. The face shield is attached to the frame before use. 

To prevent excess packaging and unnecessary environmental impact, the frames and screens are supplied separately, so that users can assemble the product before use on location. This also makes it possible to follow the locally applicable protocols and procedures, for example if the frames are reused (after cleaning) and the screens are used once. From an infection prevention perspective, we recommend using the product as a whole for single use, especially because the product can be used longer due to the increased comfort.

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Product information

Color Transparent
Size Universal
Product code HM-133188
Unit of Measure BOX/10X100 (eyeglass frame and faceshield packed separately)


CE-markering Non sterile Single use Don't use when packaging appears damaged Storage temperature Avoid direct sunlight Store in a dry environment Latex free

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cat. I

  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards 
  • EC Declaration of Conformity

This face shield can be used both medically and non-medically. It is not suitable for mechanical work.

Packaging information Packed per 100 and subsequently per BOX/10X100
Additional specifications
  • Non-sterile
  • Single-use only 
Ordering information
HM-133188-M eyeglass frame BOX/10X100
HM-133188-S face shield BOX/10X100