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For whom

Ass Medical Supply Chain Partner (MSCP), we closely cooperate with a large number of partners in various sectors. We have specific products and services in our portfolio for each sector we serve. Below you will find more information about our working methods per sector and the added value we offer. 

We do not make any concessions to our role as MSCP, regardless of sector. Access to affordable, safe, timely and high-quality care is a universal right, and we tangibly contribute to this on a daily basis.


We play a crucial role in healthcare by providing innovative products and services that improve the quality of care. We stand for delivery reliability, affordability, safety and optimal personal service. We offer all structural buyers of our products the following benefits:

We serve numerous hospitals, university medical centers, clinics and other healthcare facilities worldwide, either directly through our local entities or through our selected local distributors.

Diagnostics & lab 

As a Medical Supply Chain Partner (MSCP), we are of great value to (diagnostic) laboratories, because we offer the following benefits for high-consumption IVD consumables:

Internationally, we serve numerous (diagnostic) laboratories and research institutions, either directly through our local entities or through our selected local distributors.

International aid & development

We also proactively offer our added value as a Medical Supply Chain Partner (MSCP) to all organizations that use medical or IVD items to carry out their (often literally) vital work. We offer all the benefits that also apply to individual hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

This enables aid organizations to use our products as quickly as possible in emergency situations anywhere in the world. Because this optimizes lead times, these organizations can absorb the impact of emergency situations as best as possible.

In our view, access to high-quality and timely healthcare is a universal right, and through our added value for our partners within this sector, we proactively try to make a tangible contribution to this.


In most countries where we operate, we directly serve major consumers in healthcare and diagnostics. But to also make our products accessible to smaller-scale users in other layers of the healthcare process, we work together with a large network of wholesalers. These appointed partners serve critical healthcare organizations like dental care clinics, home care organizations, general practitioners or small-scale clinics. We offer our wholesale partners the same benefits as our other partners, enabling wholesalers to always deliver our products on time, at the right price, and with the right service.