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In addition to supplying our products to fulfill our role as a Medical Supply Chain Partner (MSCP), we provide certain services. In this way we promote correct and safe use of our products from the perspective of patient and user safety.


We have several (former) nurses in our team, and in their role as Product Specialist they provide training for end users. These training courses are necessary for some (more complex) products for safe and correct use. We use our own guidelines for this in which we offer a wide range of options, such as training in accordance with the train-the-trainer principle. We also make a distinction between department-wide training for products that are used widely, and user training for products that are only used by a few in-house specialists.

Test and implementation support 

If you want to test our products first, our Product Specialists also play an important role here. We supervise and coordinate the entire process together with the internal project owners. Here too, our guidelines play an important role in achieving standardized and usable test data. After a successful test, implementation can take place. To this end, we offer the option of guidance in the practical steps required for this, such as logistical conversions.

Refresher Courses

If our products have been used for some time and there is a new group of end users, or if there is a general need for an in-depth session, we offer our Refresher Courses. We present the products in detail, such as the possibilities, differences and applications. This ensures that practical knowledge is brought to the right level and maintained.


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