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SteriFlow™ safety needles

With integrated needle safety system for optimal protection against needle stick accidents
SteriFlow™ safety needles

Product description

Compared to standard needles, these safety needles are equipped with a fully integrated needle safety system. The needle is covered immediately after use for optimal protection against needle stick incidents. The needle safety system is very easy to use, so no valuable time is lost.

We supply these safety needles in a wide range of sizes, and we also offer the option of customization on request. Feel free to contact us when you want to discuss product customization! 

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Product information

Color Color-coded as per ISO 6009:2016
Size See product table
Product code See product table
Unit of Measure BOX/100


CE-markering Single use Don't use when packaging appears damaged Storage temperature Avoid direct sunlight Store in a dry environment Latex free Sterile

Medical Device Class IIa


-Manufactured in accordance with ISO 13485:2016
-CE-certified, in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD), Annex V
-EU Declaration of Conformity 


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ISO- and CE-certified, and ISO 6009:2016-compliant


These safety needles are widely used for execution of injections, and can be combined with all conventional syringes.

Packaging information Sterile packed per piece in blister packing, subsequently in BOX/100.
Additional specifications
  • Compatible with all standard luer tip syringes on the market
  • Latex-free, sterile, and single-use
  • Individually sterile packed in blister
Ordering information
Size (G)
needle size Needle length (inches) Color coding
374200-S 18G 1.2 x 25 mm 1" Pink BOX/100
374200-M 18G 1.2 x 40 mm 1.½" Pink BOX/100
374201-S 19G 1.1 x 25 mm 1" Ivory BOX/100
374201-M 19G 1.1 x 40 mm 1.½" Ivory BOX/100
374202-M 20G 0.9 x 25 mm 1" Dark yellow BOX/100
374202-L 20G 0.9 x 40 mm 1.½" Dark yellow BOX/100
374203-S 21G 0.8 x 25 mm 1" Green BOX/100
374203-M 21G 0.8 x 40 mm 1.½" Green BOX/100
374204-S 22G 0.7 x 25 mm 1" Black BOX/100
374204-M 22G 0.7 x 32 mm 1.¼" Black BOX/100
374204-L 22G 0.7 x 40 mm 1.½" Black BOX/100
374205-S 23G 0.6 x 25 mm 1" Blue BOX/100
374205-M 23G 0.6 x 32 mm 1.¼" Blue BOX/100
374205-L 23G 0.6 x 40 mm 1.½" Blue BOX/100
374206 24G 0.55 x 25 mm 1" Purple BOX/100
374207-S 25G 0.5 x 16 mm ⅝" Orange BOX/100
374207-M 25G 0.5 x 25 mm 1" Orange BOX/100
374207-L 25G 0.5 x 40 mm 1.½" Orange BOX/100
374208 26G 0.45 x 13 mm ½" Brown BOX/100
374209-XS 27G 0.4 x 13 mm ½" Gray BOX/100
374209-S 27G 0.4 x 16 mm ⅝" Gray BOX/100
374209-M 27G 0.4 x 20 mm ¾" Gray BOX/100
374209-L 27G 0.4 x 32 mm 1.¼" Gray BOX/100
374209-XL 27G 0.4 x 40 mm 1.½" Gray BOX/100
374210 30G 0.3 x 13 mm ½" Light yellow BOX/100