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REGANESTH® Spinal needle, NRFit

High-end and user-friendly application as per ISO 80369-6
REGANESTH® Spinal needle, NRFit

Product description

The REGANESTH® spinal needles with NRFit connection as per ISO 80369-6 allow you to avoid misconnections between different application areas during spinal procedures. These needles are equipped with an optimized grip surface and a transparent viewing chamber with 'magnifying glass'-effect, which makes this product very user-friendly.

We offer the REGANESTH® spinal needles with two different needle tips (Quincke-point or pencil-point), and with or without an introducer needle. You will find all available versions listed in the product table on this page.

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Product information

Color Color-coded as per DIN EN ISO 6009
Size See product table
Product code See product table
Unit of Measure BOX/20


CE-markering Single use Don't use when packaging appears damaged Storage temperature Avoid direct sunlight Store in a dry environment Sterile

Medical Device Class III

  • Manufactured according to ISO 13485:2016
  • EU Declaration of Conformity 
  • CE Certificate

See product table for the different sizes and lengths

Material Multiple
Biocompatibility As per DIN EN ISO 10993-1, DIN EN ISO 10993-7 and ISO 10993-7 AMD 1
  • DIN EN ISO 14971
  • DIN EN 62366-1
  • DIN EN ISO 9626, DIN EN ISO 7864, BS 6196
  • DIN EN ISO 6009
  • DIN EN ISO 11135, DIN EN ISO 11737-1
  • DIN EN ISO 10993-1, DIN EN ISO 10993-7 and ISO 10993-7 AMD 1
  • DIN EN ISO 80369-6
  • DIN EN ISO 11607-1, DIN EN ISO 11607-2
  • DIN EN ISO 20417, DIN EN ISO 15223-1

This product has a specific medical application and should only be used in supervised setting and by authorised and able medical professionals. 

Packaging information Individually sterile packed and subsequently packed per 20 pieces
Additional specifications
  • Latex free 
  • Needle equipped with yellow protective cover
  • Clinically evaluated as per MEDDEV 2.7.1
Ordering information
Product code
Needle point
HM-400320 Pencil  27G x 38 mm - Grey BOX/20
HM-400321 Pencil  27G x 90mm  Yes Grey BOX/20
HM-400322 Pencil  27G x 103 mm  Yes Grey BOX/20
HM-400323 Pencil 27G x 120 mm  Yes Grey BOX/20
HM-400324 Pencil  25G x 90 mm  Yes Orange BOX/20
HM-400325 Pencil  25G x 103 mm  Yes Orange BOX/20
HM-400326 Pencil  25G x 120 mm  Yes Orange BOX/20
HM-400327 Pencil  24G x 90 mm  Yes Purple BOX/20
HM-400328 Pencil  24G x 120 mm  Yes Purple BOX/20
HM-400329 Pencil  24G x 150 mm  Yes Purple BOX/20
HM-400330 Pencil  22G x 90 mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400331 Pencil  22G x 120mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400332 Quincke  25G x 90 mm  Yes Orange BOX/20
HM-400333 Quincke  22G x 120 mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400334 Quincke  22G x 180 mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400335 Quincke  22G x 38 mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400336 Quincke  22G x 50 mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400337 Quincke  22G x 90 mm - Black BOX/20
HM-400338 Quincke  20G x 90 mm - Yellow BOX/20