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Haem-O-Line dialysis lines

For safe and hygienic dialysis
Haem-O-Line dialysis lines

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Product information

Color See product table
Size See product table for available sizes
Product code See product table
Unit of Measure BOX/28


CE-markering Single use Don't use when packaging appears damaged Storage temperature Avoid direct sunlight Store in a dry environment Latex free Sterile

Medical Device class IIa


See product table

Material Multiple

This product has a specific medical application and should only be used in supervised setting and by authorised and able medical professionals. 

Packaging information Individually sterile packed, and subsequently per BOX/28
Additional specifications
  • Latex-free
  • DEHP-free
Ordering information
Product code
Product description 
HM-675030 Haem-O-Line Arterial & Venous - Post-pump BOX/28
HM-675031 Haem-O-Line Arterial & Venous - Pre-pump BOX/28
HM-675032 Haem-O-Line Arterial & Venous - Post-pump, with filter  BOX/28
HM-675033 Haem-O-Line Arterial & Venous - Pre-pump, with filter  BOX/28